u haul
Humorous term to describe a Lesbian who is always in love, out of love..
the status of a person's penis, in that it is uncircumcised
An acronym for the term "Unbelievably Fantastic Orgasm".
uncle frank
slang for someone who is masturbating.
uncut cock
The term "uncut cock" refers to a penis with the foreskin intact, one that has not been circumcised.
underwear fetish
An underwear fetish is a fetish where men have an erotic attraction to men wearing underwear.
19th Century euphemism for a woman's genitalia and the vagina.
Common slang term for when a male ejaculates, usually a large amount of semen.
unruly member
British term, referring to the Penis.
urethral play
A form of sexual play, where a tube or device is inserted into the penis, and either left, or further inserted into the bladder, for a more advanced form of piss play.
The attraction for urine, for being urinated on, urinating on, or consuming urine.