Wandering around, seeking random sexual encounters with other males, a slang term, where the purpose is simply to have sex, not develop relationships.



To deliberately go wandering about, to parks, restrooms, and other public locations to find random sex, with another male. Generally a slang definition, most notably referred to as cruising.

However, when one is 'trolling' or is considered a 'troll' it also has the connotation of not being particular, or discriminating, in who ones chooses, or engages in sex with.

Generally referring to someone with lower moral standards, and ethics. A negative meaning, similar to 'slut'.

It is to simply 'get off' and generally, not form any emotional attachments. As well, it generally does not include the expenditure of any hard currency.

While mostly a British slang term, the equivalent in North America is called 'cruising' though 'trolling' is well known.


From the 'cant slang' Polari, a troll was mainly slang used in the British Culture, that has expanded internationally, due to widespread travel.

In Polari, the meaning is taken to be of one who walks like a girl, or who is walking to get sex.

There is some who believe it is taken from the Scandinavian folklore of a troll, which was a devilish imp that patrolled at night. Others think it comes from the Swedish word 'trolla' which refers to charming, bewitching.

History (Legend): In some areas, it was done to avoid suspicion of being identified as a homosexual, such as entering a known gay establishment would create. As a result, many first timers, or not yet out gay men would troll/cruise parks or restrooms for casual sexual encounters.

Trolling is also performed by the curious first timers, as well as those seeking merely a thrill.

Use of public locations is a cover, though these days, less so.


A varied technique, that some consider to be a derogatory connotation, the art of trolling or cruising is dependent on the culture, the time, and the setting.

In most circumstances, this is done by simply walking around, going to specific public locations such as Parks, that are known to be frequented by gay men, or other locations.

There is no real method used in trolling / cruising.

It is a walk, a look, a feeling, that one can just naturally have, or learn.

Depending on the 'Troll' various acts are involved in such encounters, however it is generally accepted that these persons are seeking not just gay sex, but are seeking the younger male, of legal age.

Practice (Associated Acts): Trolling can lead to various sexual relations, all generally considered casual in nature, without emotional involvement.

This can be for more discreet sex, or public sex. It can range from simple mutual masturbation, to full anal intercourse. A great deal depends on the location, as well as the willingness of the other.

Part of trolling is the thrill generated by the possibility of being caught, the potential for risk, that makes a person go 'trolling'. It is also why trolling is considered to be more uninhibited sex, where a 'troll' has lower standards, or morals.

Favorite trolling is not just parks, but churches, where the thrill is the incentive, more than just the sex. To do such acts, in places that oppose the lifestyle, the physical act itself is a common draw for many 'trolls'.

Noteworthy: Depending on the intention, a Troll can seek merely a casual encounter, that is generally pertaining to oral sex, or just mutual masturbation. In some instances, it is to experience the thrill of public sex, which can simply be to perform sexual acts, in public, with one or more participants.

This can include gang bangs, where a Troll participates with multiple partners, in a public setting, such as a backroom in a bar, in a field or park, or even in a restroom facility. It can also involve BDSM sex, or as part of a Role Playing portion of BDSM.

Trolling can simply be about exhibitionism, or much more involved.

In some circles, being a Troll is a derogatory term, associated with those who have little respect or values. In other meanings, it is simply referring to someone seeking sex.

Other meanings

Referring to mythical creatures, that are less than savory in behavior. Usually used in a derogatory sense, to imply improper actions.

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