An un-natural sexual arousal, or attraction, for hair, most commonly head hair, but also any body hair, including pubic hair, leg hair, etc.



Not dependent on where, the hair is, but mainly about hair attraction in general.

It is the unusual arousal, by hair, such as head hair (the more popular attraction) that includes the sniffing of it, the touch of it, or merely its visual imagery.

Practice (Associated Acts):

This form of arousal can come from various means.

It can be for simply wet hair, not dry, or both.

Can include hair trimmings, or how the hair hangs on the person.

Certain hairstyles, only, can cause the sexual arousal, while other styles may elicit no response, or arousal.


Determination of the popularity, or of the presence of these afflictions, known as Paraphilia's, is based on some set criteria.

In this instance, a sampling of 5000 participants, from several hundred online discussion groups (about 384 groups) ranked the presence of these attractions.

Hair arousal, in general terms received 7% of the vote, while surprisingly underwear received 12%.

Genitals on the other hand, only received 4%.

This is in reference to what turned the participants on. So hair did better than genitals.

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