The front to back or side to side piercing of the male scrotum called.



Not a surface piercing, but the actual penetrating piercing of the male scrotum, either in a front to back or side to side manner.

Usually CUSTOM JEWELRY is used for this type of piercing.


This type of piercing is consider 'Advanced' and does not involve a needle, but usually a scalpel or punch. It is an involved procedure, that should be undertaken by a proper professional.

Risk of infection is HIGH.

Due to that risk, this type of piercing is considered highly dangerous surgery, and is not very common.

IF the bond is successful, the healing process can be quick, however if not, it can become very problematic, and dangerous.

Practice (Associated Acts): Usually associated with those into 'heavy' genital modification or into more extreme fetishes, such as in 'extreme cock and ball torture (CBT).

Due to the legal factors involved, those who may have this procedure do so, under less than ideal circumstances. The risk increases most dramatically at this point.

Noteworthy: Infection within the Scrotum can develop very quickly, and to rather serious levels if treatment is not immediately sought.

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