Tickling is the touching or poking of a bodypart that causes a tingling sensation and involuntary laughter.



Tickling someone generally initially leads to laughter and / or twitching movements. Some find tickling fun or erotically stimulating where others find it unpleasant. Tickling for long periods of time can be exhausting and can also cause a person anguish. As such, tickling can be either a form of sexual teasing or even a form of torture in BDSM sessions and scenes.


Tickling can be done with a finger, several fingers or a light object such as a feather. Generally more sensitive bodyparts such as the soles of the feet, the underarms, the throat, inner thighs or the stomach are the most ticklish areas. Light tickling can express intimacy, as people one doesn't know well are unlikely to be allowed to touch or be touched in this way. As such, it can be playful or even foreplay between lovers or close friends. Some people also find the sensation of tickling to be erotically stimulating. While tickling generally causes laughter, it is not always pleasant. Some people use it to express hostility or dominance in non-sexual situations and tickling is sometimes used as torture in dungeon/BDSM sessions.

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