A form of intimate apparel, that is one step above a g-string. Also a form of sandal, footwear, that are now commonly called Flip Flops.



As footwear apparel, thongs were usually mass produced from rubber, with an intended use with bare feet.

Usually worn on the beach, these items had a band to keep the big toe from mingling with the other toes.

Used in the context of underwear, Thongs consist of two pieces of cloth, tied together (held together) by a thin band, usually of string.

The two pieces of cloth, are generally in the shape of a triangle, the larger piece covering the tushie, the smaller front piece covering the genitals.

In some brands, the string that goes around the waist, is clipped on, for easy use.

The two patches of material can be of many types, mesh or thin almost sheer fabric can be used, which is usually worn by those who perform Strip tease shows.

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