t boy
A slang term for a female to male transgender person. One who originally was female, transitioning to being a male.
taco queen
A gay male, who is attracted to Mexican males.
tail feathers
Slang term for the hairs of woman's vagina. The pubic hairs, though more in regards to a woman's, than a male's.
talking dirty
Using vulgar talk while engaging in sexual intercourse, the verbal discourse, while the act of penetration is occurring, or about to happen.
tar baby
One who defecates on the other, during anal intercourse.
In a sexual reference, is someone who is a tease, who is indiscriminate in their sexual choices, or is a hustler.
Altering of the Skin's appearance by artificial means, such as pigment coloring.
A cross between a paddle and a strap. Used originally in Scotland for discipline of school children.
Slang term used to refer to urine.
tea bagging
The repetitive placing of one's testicles into the mouth of another, as if dipping a tea bag into hot water.
tea room
A public restroom for men, or lavatory, where one can cruise for random sex.
tea room queen
A person who likes to cruise the public washrooms for random sexual encounters.
Similar to the Bodyguard sex position, except in a kneeling position. Helps take the strain off both parties, as their lower bodies are better supported on a flat stable surface.
A dominatrix, who specializes in the verbal abuse and intimidation of their submissive, through the use of the telephone, rather than in person.
The attraction to someone who is mature in years, older that the one obsessing over them. An arousal only for those considered to be adults.
When a male can only achieve sexual pleasure, through copulation, without prior stimulation or foreplay.
ten pounder
Slang term for someone who has a huge penis, usually based on length, where the cock is at least 10 inches in length.
The proper term for the sexual organs, that produce the sperm, located outside of the body, in the 'sac'. The two egg shaped spheres.
using ropes to fix a person into a position, where their movement is highly limited.
the usual
Considered the plain standard way to suck off another guy, that isn't all that intimate, but good enough to get a mouth full.
The belief in half man, half animal, and the transformation of one to the other.
thirty three
A term used by Prostitutes for a client who is slow to reach orgasm, to cum.
A form of intimate apparel, that is one step above a g-string. Also a form of sandal, footwear, that are now commonly called Flip Flops.
Threesome Sex, the act of sex among three distinct partners at the same time.
throat swab
A more strenuous way to get your dick sucked off, where one is prone, the other squats.
Thugs are generally black or latino men portrayed as petty criminals or gangsters.
tick tack
An old reference to sexual intercourse.
tickle the ivories
To get sucked off, or to suck another guy off.
Tickling is the touching or poking of a bodypart that causes a tingling sensation and involuntary laughter.
tightie whities
A term used to describe the plain standard jockey shorts, worn by men.
tijuana queen
Euphemism for a Mexican or Latin homosexual male.
tongue wrestling
A deep and prolonged kiss between two people, where the tongues are constantly going in and out of each other's mouths.
A person who prefers to be the one penetrating their partner, rather than being penetrated.
total coverage
Many who are into rubber, refer to as being totally enclosed in rubber garb, from top to bottom.
toy boy
Someone who is considerably younger than the other partner, and is a sexual lover, or personal employee.
trampling fetish
Being sexually aroused, excited by either watching or being walked on/over by several people.
A person who exhibits the physical traits of one gender, but feels they are of the opposite sex, emotionally and internally.
transscrotal piercing
The front to back or side to side piercing of the male scrotum called.
Believing that a person identifies with a specific sexual gender, other than that based on their physical attributes, or genitalia.
Where a person of one gender, dresses up in the clothing of another, for sexual gratification, arousal.
travelling salesman
Gay slang for someone who travels around, but uses their sexual allure to obtain a ride, and then proceeds to provide various sexual acts, for the ride.
treasure trail
A line of hair, that runs down the center of a male's abdomen, from just below the belly button, down to the beginning of the pubic region.
An un-natural sexual arousal, or attraction, for hair, most commonly head hair, but also any body hair, including pubic hair, leg hair, etc.
Where three (3) people engage in a sex, where the third is a stranger.
Wandering around, seeking random sexual encounters with other males, a slang term, where the purpose is simply to have sex, not develop relationships.
A negative word, meaning one who is whoring around, who engages in random sex, often times for payment, or at least the implication that it was for the money.
trucker fetish
The obsession or preference for sex with men who are employed as Truckers.
Position similar to the doggy style, but one that still allows for deep anal penetration, and oh so fulfilling thrusting action.
Twink, a gay slang term to define a young male between 18 and 22 years of age.
twist and shout
A hand job technique, that should bring lots of shouts, moans, and pleasure, and all with just a few twists of the wrist.