The belief that some object, usually from another species, or such will impart special powers to the holder, or owner of that object.



This is the belief that association or imitation of another object, animal, or such, can have their special powers transferred to the human subject.

The wearing of amulets made from these animals is believed to transfer their special gift, power to the person. A Rhino Horn can impart an increased sexual desire, or an increase in power, though no evidence exists.

Ritualistic dances, imitating an animal on the hunt, or such are also used to make one actually believe they are that animal, or higher being, and so their power or sexual desire is increased.


Usually involves the wearing of an amulet, or of ingesting something, that is 'blessed' by a higher power, and in the absolute belief that such an object or potion is valid.

Sympathetic Magic relies on the receiving human to firmly believe in the magic of the item, object. If it doesn't work, these 'magical potions' are thought to not have worked due to a lack of belief, of absolute acceptance, not that the potion itself was useless.

Noteworthy: It is also the simple belief that the life of the other, is residing in that object, and can be transferred by sheer will, or ritual.

Most notable sexual objects such as a Tiger Penis, are such symbols.

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