A hot way to get sucked off, and no, not the wrestling move, though there is some similarities. Instead it is a more athletic way of being sucked off, and of sucking another off.



Okay, this position takes a bit of finesse and athleticism, to get into position.

For starters, the Giver (the one doing the sucking) is usually in a seated position, such as on a sofa, or a chair (with no arms).

The Receiver (the lucky stiff being sucked) lays on their back, beneath the Giver, with their lower body actually resting on the Giver's lower body.

The legs are placed apart, on either side of the Giver.

Usually, the Receiver's thighs are inside or sloped off to the inside of the Giver's thighs, while the lower legs are sloped outwards, resting outside of the Giver's legs, and lower torso.

With their shoulders and head on the floor, the Receiver is in a great position to watch the Giver perform.

The Giver will then lean over more, to reach the genitals, and to perform their duty, and suck.

Their arms are over the legs, holding them in position, and their hunched over body, adds to the immobilization of the Receiver.

Basically, the Receiver is held by the position, though they can still have use of their hands, as does the Giver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

In wrestling, this is a move where one lifts up their opponent, tosses them over the shoulder, so that both are on their backs.

The Receiver of this move, usually winds up in a vertical position, before the Giver then falls backwards, using that weight and action, to drive their opponent down and into the mat.

There are many variations, used in wrestling. Bottom line is the receiver is on their backside.


While seated, the Giver is generally not leaning back but merely sitting on the edge of the sofa, chair, or bed.

Their lower legs are spread apart, outside of the upper body of the Receiver.

This can become strenuous, on the back muscles for both partners.

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