A suit fetish is an erotic attraction to suits and men who wear suits.



Many men and women are attracted sexually to men who wear suits. In some cases this is based on visual stimulation - that these people find the way a suit looks appealing. In this case, this is purely a suit fetish. In other cases, this is based on emotional connections regarding the perception of men in suits as executives or bosses - persons of power. Many people are attracted to those they perceive as powerful and thus are attracted to men in suits.


An erotic attraction to men in suits or a suit fetish can lead to spending time with men in suits, whether or not sex is involved. If sex is not involved, a fantasy about the suited person can lead to masturbation later on. Some men will dress in suits as part of a sexual or BDSM scenario. Some people find men in suits to be part of an erotic fantasy about having sex at the office. People with a suit fetish may also be attracted to men wearing other pieces of business attire, as well. Dress socks, dress shoes and ties are often part of executive attire and as such, are often part of an office sex fantasy.

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