Submission refers to giving control or authority to another person.



Submission means to submit to another, particularly in BDSM sessions and D&S relationships. A submissive or slave gives up power to a dominant or Master and gives the dominant partner authority over the submissive partner. This can vary depending on the situation. In erotic D&S play, it can mean obedience in sexual matters where in a live-in relationship submission can mean to humbly give the other person power and authority over the submissive partner for all decisions.


Submission is the counterpart to domination and is often found in dungeons and other BDSM scenes as submitting to domination by bondage, verbal commands or gestures. Ways of showing submission may include kneeling, licking the feet of the dominant partner, using a submissive tone of voice and referring to ones self as inferior in a variety of ways. In some relationships, the submissive partner gives up some or all personal responsibility over his own life to the dominant partner. Some find submission an act of ultimate trust, some a way of feeling taken care of, and some find submission to be sexual in nature.

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