A fetish where a person becomes sexually aroused by the demonstration of muscles and/or strength.



The 'fetish' in which the muscles of one, becomes sexually arousing for another, either though simply viewing, to the actual touching, kissing, fondling, of the muscles.

This can include massaging, rubbing, kissing, and even licking of the muscles, when allowed, that results in sexual pleasure for the person doing the 'worshipping'.


Term was coined in the 1800's by German Magnus Hirschfeld, a psychologist.

It is common/found among both sexes, males and females.

History (Legend): FMG (Female Muscle Growth) is a Fantasy Genre, specializing in pictures or depiction of women who develop muscles.

It also includes Female Body Builders as symbols of desire, as FMG is about the adoration, for sexual pleasure, of women who develop strength through muscles, over their male counterpart.

In many scenarios, the Female is the antagonist, gaining power over the male protagonist. A sort of role reversal, in which the female gains power, through muscular development, and increased strength.

Appeared around 1980, and increased during the 1990 Internet Explosion.

There is a related male version, Male Muscle Growth (MMG)


Muscle Worship is where one participant known as 'the worshipper' touches the other participant, known as 'the Dominator' in a sexually arousing manner.

This can include massage, rubbing, kissing, licking, and other forms of adoration.

In most instances, the Dominator is usually a body builder, or fitness competitor. At least they are someone who has a well defined muscular structure, and toned body.

Usually the Worshipper will be less endowed, or physically equipped. They are generally skinnier, weaker, and have less defined muscle tone to their bodies. Though this isn't always the case.

It is common in both sexes, nor is it restricted to sexual orientation either.

Practice (Associated Acts): The degree of worship is dependent on the agreement between the parties involved. Some will simply allow the other to touch, or fondle the muscles, but not actually disrobe or realize any physical sexual satisfaction.

Others will be more involved, and the range can go from docile tolerance, to active participation. In some instances this can include verbal commands, to demonstrate their dominance over the other, forcing them to either submit, or to also offer up verbal support of the dominance of the other.

This is not necessarily classed as BDSM role playing, though it can be part of that culture.

Noteworthy: Many Female and Male bodybuilders will offer special sessions for their fans (male and female), to allow them to touch their muscles, or otherwise experience them. This is done to supplement their income, as actual body building competition is not lucrative.

While it may be sexually arousing for the 'fan' it may have no impact on the Dominator. Nor does it imply sexual preferences.

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