Safe, Sane, Consensual agreement for BDSM role playing.



Guiding MOTTO and/or agreement between partners engaging in BDSM, that spells out the rules of conduct, and the how's and what's of the various methods involved in performing or engaging in a BDSM Session.

This credo, or code, is about two consenting parties agreeing to very specific forms of conduct, detailing what they each seek from their involvement, and to what ends they will go to achieve it.

It lists certain criteria that is also considered unacceptable, or behavior that is inappropriate.

An acronym meaning Safe, Sane, Consensual

Safe in that all parties agree to certain safety practices, that do not put others at risk. It also means the refusal to engage in certain acts, which are deemed unsafe.

Sane meaning that all 'sessions' are entered into when all parties are in a good healthy state of mind

Consensual means that nothing done in any session has not been agreed upon prior to the beginning of the 'play'. It is about BOTH parties accepting the terms and condition in which they will both operate under, when in their 'sessions'.

NOTE - Even though it is consensual, it does not limit one's legal liability in most countries.


Coined or believed to be originated by David Stein in 1984, for GMSMA, which is a BDSM organization devoted to the principles the acronym refers to.


The purpose is to insure that only those who desire the more extreme sexual activity, that BDSM involves, follow a set guideline to avoid being considered criminal acts. The 'consensual' aspect of the code, or agreement however is not a legally binding accord, that prevents possible criminal action should injury occur.

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