A more physical way to get sucked off, where your legs are in the air, your dick is open to the world, as is your ass.



You need to be in shape, or at least very flexible, if you are going to do this one.

The Receiver (the one being sucked off) is in a semi reclining prone position. That meaning their head is supported higher than their body.

To achieve the right position, the Receiver brings both of their legs upwards and slightly apart.

They can support their legs, with their hands mid thigh, and the legs should be held upright, in a straight position.

Once they are exposed, the Giver (the one doing the sucking) kneels or so they have easy head position, to the genitals.

Kneeling is considered to be more suited though, as well as more comfortable for the Giver.

In this position, the strain is on the Receiver, due to the upraised position of their legs.

From this position, the Giver can not only perform a good blow job, but can also migrate to a really good rim job.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Yes Virginia, there is a version for Lesbians, called “Under the Hood”


More of a position, for those who are a bit flexible, and certainly in fit shape. In short not for out of shape old farts, like some of us.

With both the genitals and rump fully exposed, it is easy to go from sucking, licking, to include some nice rimming action.

The Giver can also help support the legs, by use of their own hands, or they can use their hands for further stimulation of the Receiver.

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