A smoking fetish is an erotic attraction to people smoking.



People with a smoking fetish are those who are attracted by watching men or women smoking cigars or cigarettes. Seeing the person sucking on the cigarette or exhaling the smoke is a turnon. In some cases, the smell and the way the cigar or cigarette is held is also part of the attraction.


When one has a smoking fetish, watching a sexually attractive person go through the process of getting out the cigar or cigarette, putting it in their mouth and lighting it can be exciting. Watching the inhaling and exhaling of the smoke can be stimulating. In some smoking fetish porn, a smoking person may blow smoke on a partner's cock, masturbate while smoking or even smoke and exhale while giving a man oral sex. In the gay community, smoking cigars is not always part of a smoking fetish as smoking a cigar is part of an overall masculine look as defined by men like Arnold Schwarzenegger and General MacArthur.

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