gay Slaves are a submissive and servile partner in a BDSM relationship or session.



Slaves are submissives who want to feel controlled or owned. Some dominants use the term for any submissive but many submissives do not actually feel the need to be controlled that slaves do. In some BDSM communities, Masters have actual slave papers to show their ownership over their submissive partners. Some people consider themselves slaves only within a session or scene where others actually have long-term and often committed relationship with their Master. There are also some people who consider themselves sex slaves for a person or group but they do not offer services other than sexual ones.


In dungeon or BDSM play situations, slaves are generally in control of their Masters. They may be humiliated, punished, tortured or spanked as their Master sees fit. The fantasy of being owned and controlled is very sexual for some men where others find it a relief not to have to be in control. Slaves in committed relationships sometimes feel that they have given their Masters complete control over them. This control includes sexual control, which can include masturbation on command, being used in any way or being told to have sex with or in front of other people. Some extremely submissive slaves may actually give their Master deciding power over their everyday life such as what to eat for dinner or what car to buy.

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