Generally referring to those with close cropped or shaved heads.



Today's 'skinhead' is a mix of different variations. Primarily they are those who play hard, are what we would call 'working class' or 'blue collar workers', generally of a younger age. They are distinguished by having buzzed hair cuts, or totally shaved heads. They wear dark clothes, or well worn outfits. High top work boots or shoes, and less trendy clothing is also a trademark.

There are variations of the 'culture' however the original meaning was apolitical, hard playing working youth.


Influenced in the 1960's in the United Kingdom, by West Indies Rude Boys and British Mods. Generally was a sub culture of the working class youth, dealing with music, fashion, and lifestyle. Was not originally taken to mean Racist, or was even political in nature.

Began in the late 1950's due to the post war boom in England. The style was more tuned towards Fashion, Lifestyle, and Music than anything. The fashion included steel toed boots, and close shaved heads. Based as primary 'working class' youth, the short hair may have been as a result of factory work, or as being less of a trouble during brawls.

It was also a statement against the more trendy, fashionable 'mods' which also seemed to have more disposable income. Others say it was a statement to be anti hippy, to stand out from the crowd who were all sporting long hair.

In the 70's there was increasing unrest in the UK, due to colored immigration, which resulted in a further splintering of the group. It wasn't that they were full blooded racists, but as working class members, finding it harder to get work, they turned to blaming the problem on the colored immigrants, mostly from Pakistan.

The actual 'skinhead culture' was on the decline until the advent of Punk Rock. The 'Punk' era also defined the 'skinhead' as being rougher, more physical. It included tattoos, as well as a more grunge type appearance.


'Gay Skinheads' per se, are simply working class people, who have a zest for life, music, and fun. They generally are apolitical, not to be associated with the modern meaning of the term.

Basically, they are about being hard working, as in hard sex. More into the physical acts, than the foreplay or the romance.

It could be said many are more akin to a softcore 'leather' culture, though the more traditionalists would argue that point.

Skinheads are more like the 'thug' category. They are 'working class' and aren't into the more finer points of life, such as fine wines, fancy dining, or accumulation of wealth.

Non political skinheads used various tattoos. From spider webs, hammers, to a crucifix on the head. Some even went so far as to have tattoos on the face, but that has faded pretty much from the scene. Bulldogs and wreaths are also popular as were weapons and slogans.

Weapons used in tattoos were generally brass knuckles, bats, and switchblades.

More popular slogans used for tattoos are 'skinhead' ACAB (All Cops are Bastards), SKIN.

Other meanings

Modern culture has used the term to refer to neo Nazis, and other white supremacists. However, there are 'skinheads' on both sides of the political spectrum. The majority however are apolitical, and are even anti racist.

Originally, 'skinhead' denoted a working class youth, engaged in a certain lifestyle, a certain music culture. Based on Soul, RandB, and Jamaican music styling.

The resurgence is more tuned towards Punk type music, as well as more rooted in the dress of working class people. High top boots, dark clothing, tattoos, and chains.

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