Where both partners are lying side to side, facing each other, giving head.



Where both partners are lying side to side, facing each other, giving head. (sucking dick that is.)


The classic position for giving head simultaneously.

Both partners are in a prone position, on their sides, facing each other.

Each one is facing the other's genital area. (crotch in other words)

They are in inverted position, meaning one has their body facing one way, the other in the opposite direction. Example, one faces North, the other faces South.

Considered to be a more comfortable position, with less strain being placed on their neck.

However, the constant moving, can eventually lead to where one can tip over onto their back, and thus be in the original sixty nine position.

In many cases, even those who engage in the original sixty nine position, can wind up in the sideways variation, then back into the original, and so on.

Depends on just how good you are in sucking, or how frisky you both get. Just remember, if not on a wide area, like a floor, you could fall off, during the rolling back and forth.


Many heterosexual couples prefer oral sex, to penetrative sex, as a satisfying means of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

In short, a form of birth control.

Others prefer it, as a form of safer sex, believing it will reduce the risk of getting any sexually transmitted diseases.

There is no real proof that it prevents any disease from being transmitted, but that it does lessen the likelihood of infection from certain kinds of STD's.

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