Removal of hair using a sharp object, like a razor.



Act of removing hair from various parts of the body, such as head, face, armpits, legs, rectum, and the pubic region. Some is due to religious and cultural beliefs, other reasons for comfort, and sexual foreplay.


The use of copper helped develop the method of shaving, promoting the 'clean look'. It is said Alexander the Great greatly encouraged his followers to be 'clean shaved'.

In most ancient art, the nude body was depicted 'sans' body hair, as it was believed to be unclean. It is noted that the 'male form' was generally depicted with their pubic hairs, while the 'female form' was generally depicted without any pubic hairs.

These depictions supposedly is one explanation why hair on women is considered 'un lady like'. Japanese pornography laws actually prohibited the showing of pubic hair shaved or trimmed, believing it was too sexual.

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, all believe that a Priest or Monk with a shaved head is a symbol showing the person's renouncing of worldly fashion, and values.


Shaving, as a sexual act, is generally done 'wet' though there is the 'dry' method. Facial shaving is also accomplished using an electric razor, however in sexual foreplay, it is generally the 'wet' method. 'Dry Shaving' does occur, but more in the sub culture of BDSM.

Wet Method - Usually involves a soap or lubricant. Warm clothes are applied in some cases, to open the pores and raise the hair further up, allowing for a closer shaving. Various soaps are applied to the area, and generally a disposal razor is used to slowly cut the hair.

Sometimes, shaving of the genitals, or inside of the buttocks, is part of a SandM sex role-play. It can involve having the person incapacitated (tied up), then proceeding to shave their body parts.

Shaving around the genitals is also supposed to increase the adrenalin rush, as the idea of a sharp object near one's sexual organs is frightening, no matter how much trust there is.

The more adventurous will use a 'straight razor' however there is a greater risk of harm, of cuts, during the shaving process. However it is also a greater thrill, to have your partner trust in your steady hand, specially when working around the penis.

Some will shave 'themselves' in all areas, prior to engaging in a sexual tryst, claiming that it heightens the sensitivity of the skin, when touched. Already sensitive skin is supposedly more sensitive immediately following being shaved.

Dry Method - Generally refers to the use of an electric razor, that doesn't require any lubricants or soap. However, in some sexual foreplay, it means using a sharp implement, like a straight razor, to literally scrape the offending hair off.

This is a highly risky act, as it can lead to cuts, to razor burn, and infections. This method is generally noted for 'extreme sexual fetishes'

Shaving, sexual or not, has its down sides. Razor burns, cuts, and razor bumps can occur.

Cuts - By not following the flow of the hair, cuts can happen. Generally they can bleed for up to 15 minutes. Shaving during a cold shower can help lessen this, plus the application of petroleum jelly can help heal the cut, without leaving a scar.

Open sores, wounds, can also become infected during sex, speeding up some diseases, or passing them on.

Razor Burns - Occurs when too much pressure is applied during the shaving, and can result in a rash or burning sensation. Less pressure can help eliminate this, as well as using proper lubricants. Special shaving soaps are generally the best to use, as they are already formulated with softening agents like Aloe, and allow for an easier glide of the razor.

Other negatives, is that some people feel a sense of loss, an uncomfortable feeling after being shaved. Some with already sensitive skin may develop a rash due to the lack of protection that hair provided their skin.

In addition, as the hair grows back, some can feel uncomfortable, irritations, as a result. A sort of itchiness, than can not just be uncomfortable, but lead to irritating rashes.

Razor Bumps - Generally these are ingrown hairs or hairs that are pulled out, instead of being cut, causing a swelling or welt to develop. It can not only uncomfortable, but can lead to infection.

Shaving as a sexual act, is about trust, and sensitivity. Many believe that by allowing yourself to be shaved in the pubic region is showing a heightened sense of trust in your partner.

This 'feeling' helps to arouse both parties, as does the preliminary steps in being readied for shaving. The soaping of the area, the touching, all are supposed to result in increased stimulation for both parties.

The 'sensitivity' aspect is that without the hair, the skin is more able to feel the touches, the connection with another. It supposedly allows for increased awareness, as well as removing obstacles from ultimate enjoyment of such acts as giving head, or rimming.

Other meanings

Religious Connotations - In some religions, the shaving or modification of the pubic hairs is a tradition.

Muslims believe in the removal of hair primarily for hygiene purposes, which includes the removal of pubic hairs. While Sikhs believe that it is a violation to cut or even trim one's hairs, no matter its location.

In Islam, the removal of the pubic hairs is required, yet in Muslim Men the removal of facial hair is discouraged.

Head Shaving - In ancient times it was for health reasons. Ancient Egyptians believed in shaving for the prevention of Lice Infestation. Today many consider a bald head a sign of virility, or sexual potentcy.

In some cultures, the hairless body was also a sign of one's penchant for sexual activities, and was actually forbidden in some public displays, such as bath houses, or nudist associations. It was believed to be too stimulating, too sexual.

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