Public places where a person can engage in casual sexual acts, such as in a backroom of a bar, in private rooms at a bathhouse.



Where people engage in random sexual acts, from oral sex to anal sex, in full view of others in a public accessible business. Restrictions do apply, to gaining entrance, such as stricter identification or proof of age documentation.

This can include bars, bath houses, or similar establishments, where the public can easily gain access, and witness or partake in such sex, which includes full sexual intercourse.


During the time when Homosexuality was illegal, many 'clubs' were operated under the guise of being social gatherings, mainly for consuming alcohol and dancing, though many insisted they were where gays congregated to have illicit sex.


True 'sex clubs' generally do not have private rooms, like a bath house. Nor is alcohol generally served, though patrons may be allowed to bring their own 'beverages'.

In some locations, while authorities have closed bath houses down, sex clubs are allowed to operate, mainly due to the sex being in the open, thus allowing for monitoring that safe sex practices are followed.

Most 'sex clubs' require a membership fee, as well as other documentation to verify various requirements. One such document is to prove they are clear of any sexually transmitted diseases, or that they are in a relationship, and are with that person.

Some 'clubs' will hold special nights, where they encourage certain sexual activity.

Practice (Associated Acts): Most 'clubs' that allow for such sexual activity, generally have a cover charge, but differ from what authorities would refer to as a 'house of ill repute or brothel'.

The difference is that those establishments (whore houses) are where the customer pays a person to engage in sex with them. In a sex club, there is no guarantee of a person having sex, just that if they find another willing participant, they are free to do so.

Brings new meaning to 'going out for a few'.

Popularized in modern times by the Showtime series and the original British series 'Queer As Folks' the concept is where patrons can enter freely a back room, to have casual, random sex with others. In addition, it can involve multiple partners, and is generally done in full view of whoever walks into that designated area.

In some other bars, the washroom is a popular location, where many will engage in oral sex in the main area, while using the stalls for anal intercourse.

Noteworthy: Many locations have laws governing such establishments, in that they are basically illegal.

Black Jack was a sex club exclusively established for African American Gay Men, started by Alan Bell in 1986.

NASCA International is an umbrella group, that lists associated clubs across North America.

Other meanings

Several Clubs are not housed in any one specific business location. They are conducted at various private homes or domiciles, where members pay a small entrance fee.

These type of clubs generally garner members by invitation only, and are more or less considered underground. They cater to specific tastes, such as heavy set bearded gay men, or other defining attributes.

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