The practice of seeking men who are of the same status, as they are, in regards to HIV infection.



A term used to describe those who seek others of the same HIV status, whether negative or positive.

Mainly used to provide some degree of security, for HIV- persons, seeking the same, it is not foolproof, or anywhere near that.

Infection may have occurred, or be undetected, rendering the serum testing inconclusive.

Should be noted, not everyone discloses their true HIV status.

Noteworthy: Risks of 2 HIV+ men engaging in sex, is the inability to properly note the strain of the virus, within each other. Some may have a more drug resistant variety than the other, which could then mutate, infecting the other partner with the more virulent strain.

Recent testing may not be conclusive either, due to a more recent infection.

Such a test, or practice, does not rule out other infections either, such as Syphilis or Hepatitis.

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