The control of senses by one over another, in a BDSM role playing scenario.



Primarily a BDSM form of role playing, impact play. It is where the Top (dominant) will control the feelings, sensations, of the Bottom (submissive) in regards to pain, to the flow of endorphins, excitement, and so on.

Should be noted, that the Top is the one who 'introduces' the senses, which can be as simple as experiencing kissing, or touching.

This is accomplished in various ways, to either heighten or lessen the feelings the Bottom experiences, including fear, joy, arousal, and so on.


A key to the entire practice, can be, to not allow the Bottom (submissive) to have any advance warning of what is to come, or happen. Generally it means blindfolding the Bottom, by the Top.

The concept is for the Top (Dominant) to introduce and control the sensations being felt by the Bottom (Submissive). This 'introduction' can be of any agreed upon format. Usually the Bottom is restricted in movement, so they MUST accept what the Top introduces.

This can include kissing, or simple touching, while the Bottom is immobile, and blindfolded. (the sense of sight is being withheld, supposedly making the feelings more intense)

It can include other 'non invasive' actions such using silk or feather objects to run across the bare skin, controlling the Bottom's reaction by how and where it is applied to their body.

<u>Suspension Bondage </u><u>-</u> is the act of being held suspended of the ground either fully by mechanical means, such as use of ropes, pulleys, hooks, or partially suspended where one part of the Subjects body is sustaining the weight of the Subject.


<u>Partial Suspended Bondage</u> is generally accomplished where one leg is firmly planted on the ground, flooring. The other leg is trussed up, restricted from being able to be used to support any weight. Most of the subject weight is also carried by other means, than the one foot.

<u>Full Suspension Bondage</u> is simply where mechanical devices support the full weight of the Subject.

The goal of 'Suspension Bondage' is to increase the sense of being under control, of no escape from one's predicament. While that is what 'bondage' itself is about, the addition of being suspended, adds fear of increased injury if attempting escape. It also makes escape less likely, increasing the sensation of fear. It increases the sense of 'being vulnerable'

There are several different ways of being suspended. One, is the hogtied position, which is as its name implies.

The Bottom is tied similar to a how a hog would be tied, with arms and legs in close proximity to each other, a very uncomfortable position when left for any lengthy time.

Another method is to begin in such a position, but to have the ability to change the position, usually through various ropes and pulleys. The Bottom has their legs and arms spread out more, creating more of a spread eagled position.

A swing or truss can be used in where the Bottom (subject) is held by their midriff, rather than by their limbs. This does allow for longer session, less discomfort or risk of injury to the Subject. It does allow for easier movement, and sexual acts.

There are three basic positions used.

<u>Vertical </u><u>-</u> The subject is bound and lifted up into the air in a vertical position. Generally the head is facing upwards, and they are sort of bent upwards, so their buttocks is the lowest point, their arms and ankles are closer to the pulley or roof.

This position does put extreme pressure on the wrists, which can cause injury. It is a test of endurance, but should be not pushed beyond safe limits.

The Ankles are stronger, and can support the pull easier than the wrists.

In any suspension, use of rope is common, and can be more painful, as well as dangerous. The ropes can cause abrasions quicker than other padded restraints.

<u>Horizontal </u><u>-</u> Again, the person is bound, held by their wrists and ankles, but in a less rolled up position, as in a 'vertical suspension'. Normally the head is facing downwards.

The arms and legs are lifted upwards, behind the torso, again stretching the limbs, adding to the discomfort level, as well as inflicting of pain to the Subject.

Use of rope restraints can cause abrasions, plus prolonged hanging can cause added stress to the wrists, increasing the chance of injury. Again, such suspension should not be for any lengthy time period, though it is a test of endurance and stamina, on the part of the Subject.

While the head can be facing upwards, the preferred position is down, so as to provide better sexual servicing, to make it easier to performing specific sexual acts, such as Oral Sex, Rimming, etc.

Just as in the Vertical position, a person can be 'hogtied' or held in a more spread eagle type position. The Spread Eagled Position does allow for a wider variety of sexual acts to be initiated than the Hogtied Position.

<u>Inverted </u><u>-</u> The wrists are still bound, but the body is suspended in an inverted position. The legs are what are being held up, rather than both legs and arms.

Blood rushing to the head, can cause a sort of dizziness, even cause blackouts, if left for too long in this position. Some claim it also is what generates a state of euphoria, the reason they seek such extreme measures.

This type of suspension can actually be maintained for longer periods, as the ankles are far stronger than the wrists, in supporting one's weight. There are other potential risks though, that should always be monitored, and kept in mind.

The legs can be suspended in a manner so as to create a V shape, rather than both legs being closely bound together, then held up. This V position can place added pressure on the hips.

<u>Suspension Dangers -</u> In any 'bondage' type of role playing, there are dangers. However, suspension bondage does carry some added risks, such as equipment failing, causing the Bottom to be stuck suspended, or conversely, failing and dropping the Bottom to the floor.

NOTE - It is this potential risk, that helps create the atmosphere many seek, in their play. The knowledge that there is a real risk, not a pretend one, adds to the arousal of both parties.

This is specially dangerous if the Bottom is in the Inverted Position, as even a fall of a few inches can cause brain damage, even spinal injury causing complete paralysis.

Proper BDSM techniques, include the use of a spotter or more, or emergency equipment to safely lower a Bottom, should the lifting mechanism fails. This is important, as there are cases where the Bottom (Subject) has passed out, fainted. They become dead weight, and are very difficult to extricate when alone.

Other less noticed risks, include nerve damage. Keep in mind that equipment should be tested, and rated for the weight of the body they are holding in mid-air. Equipment must be tested, and checked, to insure frayed ends, etc. are not a potential risk.

Clamps on Nipples, scrotums, and rolls of flesh are also part of the ritual, routine.

These are used to stimulate pleasure through pain. In most instances they are attached, tuned to the right amount of pressure, then left in place.

In many instances, weights are hung from the clamps, or the chain that joins the clamps together. One for each nipple. The purpose is to create sharp pain, and to force the Subject to remain still.

Added motion will create pain, thus a great deal of effort is required by the Subject, to remain still. This is important if the Subject is then paddled or otherwise struck, that would cause them to move under normal circumstance.

The application of the clamps, with weights, then adds to the pain levels. The Subject, if they move, will then experience pain both from the other source, such as paddling, as well as from the swaying pull of the weights on their nipples.

This can include clamps applied to the testacies. The principle being the same as for use on the Nipples.

There are two basic type of clamps used. However, when without, clothespins make for excellent clamps, sans the chains. In fact, they are commonly used to create 'pain sources' on a Subject. These 'pain sources' can be applied anywhere, as it is the pressure being applied that creates the pain sensation. Other implements such as forceps can be used, in fact any 'clamping' item can be used, but caution should be taken, to insure the pressure applied is of an acceptable amount.

<u>Tweezer Clamp </u><u>-</u> Two short pieces of metal, where the end is slightly curved to better grip the flesh. (Nipple) Most have rubber tipped ends, so as to not mark the flesh.

A small ring binds the two pieces of metal, and can slide up and down the shaft, increasing or decreasing tension. Use of this ring, adjusts the pain level for the Subject.

<u>Clover Clamp </u><u>-</u> Of Japanese design, this is a spring loaded type clamp, sometimes called the 'butterfly clamp'. The two metal prongs are opened by squeezing the back ends together, then placed over the nipple, and allowed to clamp shut.

This creates intense pain, generally not used by novices to the use of clamps. It can have weights attached, the cause the clamp to pull away from the nipple, further adding to the pain level.

There is no ring to adjust the pressure, but increased pressure is achieved by pulling back on the clamp. Mainly it is used to keep the Subject (Bottom) in one place.

Eventually one could pull away, to the point where the clamp would release, however it would be after enduring excruciating pain, as well as damage to the nipple.

The goal of using these clamps, is to create pain, steady and constant, as well as to further force the Subject (Bottom) to remain motionless, stationary, irrespective of any other influences, such as paddling, flogging, etc.

<u>Biting or Clawing</u> is also something used during Sensation Play. The specifics are that one randomly bites, or claws the Subject, to elicit an immediate pain response.

This can be of mixed force, or strength. It can be as mild as simply a nibble on a nipple, scrotum, or any part of the body. Or it can be more intense, actually leaving marks on the body..

Inflicting pain, controlling its measure, is also considered part and parcel of Sensation Play. This can be from whipping, flogging, caning, or just plain paddling. Again, it can be done where the Bottom is not aware of what is to happen, whether blindfolded or not.

By restricting the movement, blindfolding is not always required. Hiding the implements to be used, out of view, is as effective.

Using 'wax' and other 'heat implements' can also be included in this form of BDSM actions.

There are many different aspects, that can be used or not. One is even sleep deprivation, though that is for the more intense crowd, and does require a lengthy session of role playing. It generally, is used in more of a lifestyle association, than for the odd BDSM session.

<u>Sleep Deprivation </u><u>-</u> can be self inflicted, to a point, so that the BDSM session can be shorter in time. Basically the idea or belief, is that if a person is deprived of sleep, their senses are more likely to be sensitive to smaller changes. They are magnified in feeling, so administration of pain would be 'thought' to be greater, than if the person had not been deprived of sleep.

<u>Erotic Tickling </u><u>-</u> This involves creating the sensation of uncontrollable twitching, which can be not just erotic, but create involuntary laughter. Use of feathers or silk are most preferred weapons in this mode of Sensation Play.

Running these items along very sensitive regions, can create the desired result. Soles of the feet, under the arms, between the legs, or even simply over the stomach and chest, can elicit the desired result.

In many instances, this is done with the Subject (Bottom) blind folded, for the added sensation that sight deprivation creates. While they may 'know' what is being used, there is no certainty, and it is that doubt, that is strived for.

Practice (Associated Acts):

<u>Mummification</u> is associated with Sensation Play, in that it projects a sense of confinement, more than simple bondage. It can be applied using various methods, but 'safety concerns' do exist in such practices.

The skin breathes, and care needs to be taken when applying this form of sensation play.

This practice is generally from the neck to toes, but can include the head, insuring that the nose and mouth are free of any obstruction. The 'bottom' can be left in this state, or made to believe they are left alone, to give a heightened sense of restriction. NOTE - No person mummified should actually be physically left alone, as there are serious health risks.

A concern with 'mummification' is that the body will sweat too much, causing over heating of the Bottom. This can lead to heat strokes, if left too long or if there are pre existing heart conditions. Dehydration is the most severe and common side effect, of mummification that needs to be monitored.

Various materials can be used, such as cling wrap, saran wrap, rubber, bandages, body bags, or even straight jackets. The purpose is to completely restrict the movement of the subject.

It is best to begin with the arms and torso, so the subject can remain in an upright position, making it easier to cover them. Then when applying the covering to the legs and ankles, care should be taken to insure the Subject won't fall over while being mummified.

Care needs to be taken, when binding the legs and ankles together. Material of some sort should be used between them, to avoid chafing and other discomfort that such binding creates.

Pain can be introduced while a subject is mummified, as can other sexual acts. It all comes down to the wrapping. Mostly though, this form is used to deprive, control, the body movement of the Bottom, on its own. It is a prelude to other techniques, or not.

Mummification is used to create a sense of total helplessness, and dependency on the Top.


<u>Wax Play or Heat </u><u>-</u> The random application of hot wax, or flame, can be part of Sensation Play. The most common is to apply hot instruments briefly to various parts of the exposed body, which can include the genitals.

Care has to be taken, to not allow for scorching, though that too is practiced, in some of the more 'extreme' venues of BDSM. The goal is to surprise the Bottom, so having candles in the room for supposed decoration, can be turned into a means of fear, of stimulation.

Dripping hot wax over the genitals, over other body parts, does not do any long term harm, unless repeated on the same spots, often. At worst, a redness is created. The Bottom experiences the sudden pain of heat, and again, various methods are used in its administration.

Candles are the most widely used method, however there are electrical units as well, or other common apparatuses or devices, such as cigarette ends, cigar ends, lighters. (Lighters are used by being lit and kept under or over the Bottom's exposed areas, such as nipples, penis, scrotum.)

Use of Open Flame Devices should take into account that body hair, pubic hair, are Flammable Substances. Proper safety equipment should always be at hand, when attempting these type of activities.

Use of ICE and FIRE are also part of the whole process. To be subjected to heat one moment, then frigid cold the next, can create some rather strange feelings in the Subject.

<u>ICE PLAY (Temperature Play) </u><u>-</u> Mainly the art of running ice across a naked body, or around areas like the Nipples. This creates a sensual feeling, and can be most arousing, as well as stimulating to either or both of the participants.

Noteworthy:<u>Sensation Play</u><u> </u>is a basis for most of the sub cultures of BDSM. Whether it be the SandM crowd, or the Bondage, Discipline crowd.

Sensation Play has no real limits, other than the imagination of those involved in it. It should be noted, that ALL BDSM play, requires PRIOR CONSCENT, and in some cases, actual contracts. The Legality of such agreements may be shaky, but the whole idea is that all activity is consensual

Imagination and Consent are the two main criteria for engaging in Sensation Play, as well as knowing one's limits, both as the one giving, and as the one receiving..

<u>Tickling</u> is considered an integral part of bonding between Parent and Children. Darwin however, noted that unexpected tickling, without warning, can evoke displeasure within Children, thus linking it to both a pleasure feature, as well as a displeasure one.

He concluded that in social situations, tickling evoked involuntary laughter, as a prelude to pleasure. He also conjectured that not knowing the precise point of stimulation was essential to elicit the desired response.

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