The liquid that is discharged from the penis, during a sexual arousal and subsequent orgasm.



This is basically an organic fluid, created by the body, that contains spermatozoa, used to fertilize women's eggs, and create new life.

Generated by the 'gonads' this fluid is generally discharged during intercourse, anal or vaginal, or through masturbation.


In many ancient cultures, sperm was considered a Holy Fluid, much in the way that Blood was.

It was thought to carry magical powers, the secret of life.

Aristotle for example, considered it to be the perfect compound of food.

It has also been associated with a sign of masculinity in Ancient and so called Primitive Societies.

The Etoro people of Papua New Guinea, young boys must fellate their elders and ingest, swallow, their sperm in order to achieve proper sexual maturity.

Buddhists and Daoist have a deep reverence for Semen, both in the past, and today, believing it to be vitally important for man.

History (Legend):

In ancient times, dew was believed to be a sort of heavenly fertilization of the earth, and became a metaphor for semen.

It is even mentioned in the bible, in Song of Solomon 5:2 and Psalm 110:3

Ancient Chinese believe that Jade is dried Dragon Semen, while other cultures associate precious gemstones as being semen from the Gods, that dried.


Semen comes from two components, sperm and seminal plasma.

In humans, seminal plasma is a complex compound of organic and inorganic materials.

It is this fluid, which helps protect the sperm during its delivery to fertilizing a female's eggs, for reproductive purposes.

Additionally, it has a nutritive value.

Generally, semen is an off white color, but can be grey or even yellowish.

It varies in viscosity from male to male.

A red or pink tint to the semen, can be from blood being mixed with it, which could be indicative of a medical problem, that should be examined by a qualified medical professional.

Generally, semen appears as a sticky substance, jelly-like in texture, that comes in globules, or spurts.

Usually when 5 to 40 minutes it can become more liquid, before finally drying.

The initial stickiness is to protect the sperm, upon entry, and then it liquefies again, to speed its process or delivery.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Semen can act as a medium for the transmission of some highly contagious diseases, such as HIV as well as Syphilis, Herpes, and other STI's.

It is considered possible, that semen can suppress the body immune system.

This suppression may be why some diseases are only transmitted by sexual contact, though not proven in clinical trials.


Human ejaculate is generally 2ml or greater, and has a ph measurement of about 7.2 to 8.0

Semen has also been used in invisible ink, and was noted in British Espionage circles.

Modern society still considers the depiction of semen in art or culture to be taboo, or unacceptable for public display.

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