gay self sucking - Sucking one's own penis.



Self sucking, or auto fellatio, is the act of sucking one's own penis. The man bends down till he is able to orally stimulate his penis. He may, in fact, also use his tongue.


In order to practice self sucking, a man must be flexible enough to bend forward far enough to allow contact between his mouth and penis. Most men are not flexible enough, and those who are can often only touch the head of their penis with their tongue and lick it. Some men do stretching exercises to be able to suck their own cocks and there are even books on the subject. The man bends forward gradually, so as not to hurt his back, and arouse himself by licking or sucking his penis orally. Some men find it helpful to use a wall to help push their upper bodies forward. Some claim that most men have tried to suck their own penis at some time.

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