The deliberate act, of enticing another person into some behavior, normally sexual in nature, that they wouldn't do, or be allowed to do.



A form of coercion, though not by force. It is the deliberate act of enticing someone to do some form of behavior, that they wouldn't normally do, such as enticing a married person to have sex, outside the matrimonial bonds.

Also a form of charming a person, to give the other what they seek, again generally involving sex.

To set a mood, where the seducer can achieve a positive result to their sexual desire of the other, by lowering that person's natural resistance levels, whether through food, music, or other methods.


In Biblical times, a woman who had lost her virginity, was considered worthless for marriage, a seducer would be required to compensate the family, for his actions.

English Common Law made 'seduction' a felony, and whether it was someone who seduced a woman, or caused a son to leave home, the family was entitled to recourse and compensation for 'lost earnings'.


To persuade, through the art of conversation, of offering of gifts, or of pledges, in order to make the other person more amicable, agreeable. This can include using props, such as chocolate, fancy dinners, expensive wines, to set a mood, where the person is taken by the other's worldly charms.

Noteworthy: James Bond and Casanova are to male stars, that are considered seductive role models. The sophisticated air of James Bond is supposed to be the charm, that allows him to achieve his goal.

Casanova was believed to be the early version of Bond, using his sophistication, reputation, to seduce women.

Other meanings

Modern advertisers use 'seductive messages' to allure new customers to their products, promising them a sinful time, or making it sound like they can be naughty. A sexual connotation is generally used, such as a well formed model, enjoying a piece of chocolate, tempting the consumer, while alluding to it being a sexual turn on for the model.

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