Sexual play involving human feces, including ingestion as well as decorative.



Extreme sexual fetish, involving feces. The act of being 'pooped' on, of 'pooping' and of ingesting one's feces.


History (Legend): Bedouin tribes believed that eating fresh warm camel feces was a cure for bacterial dysentery.


An uncommon practice in Humans, though a definite fetish for some. It is considered to be abnormal, though not deviant behavior. It is supposed to be a sexual turn on for some, to have their partner defecate (poop) on them, or watch their partner defecate.

Some extreme practitioners of 'scat' will engage in digesting the feces, some to prove their capacity for it by doing so until they puke.

Most practitioners engage in watching, or in having the fecal matter placed on their bodies, in a form of humiliation or extreme BDSM sexual ritual.

Health Risks: Consumption or contact of with fecal matter can lead to various illnesses. This includes Hepatitis A and E, pneumonia, and influenza.

Rimming can also increase one's risk of these diseases, and health professionals recommend that those engaging in these acts, receive immunization shots.

Noteworthy: The act of eating feces has been shown several times in the television show South Park, and is in several other feature films, such as Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me, as well as other popular American films.

Other meanings

Acronyms for non sexual terms, such as 'School and College Ability Test', 'Small Caliber Action Team (unit on US Navy ships)' as well as referring to an Airline Company.

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