The physical restraint of a person, in a sitting position, immobilizing them totally.



Similar to a ball tie, however it is more where the person is tied while in a sitting position, or in a Lotus Position, as defined in Yoga.


While seated, the legs are crossed, and the ankles are tied together, with the knees spread open. The hands are also tied behind the back, in similar cross fashion.

A collar is placed around the neck, a piece of rope is then attached, and tied through the ankle / leg restraints. This neck rope is pulled taught, bringing the submissive head down to the feet, forcing them to be bent over.

It is securely tied off, with the ankles being as close as possible to the neck. Then the left thigh and left arm are tied together, repeated on the right side as well. The restraint is done just below the knee.

In this position, the submissive gives the appearance of being doubled over, or folded over double.

It is claimed, that in this manner, the submissive is totally incapacitated, and is unable to effect motion or release.

Practice (Associated Acts): In addition, to further restrict the mobility, the elbows may also be tied together.

Noteworthy: Believed to have been named for bondage expert, John Savage.

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