A sexual fetish, where one gets an erotic delight in soiling or dishevelling the object of their desire. This usually means the apparel or appearance of the person they are attracted to.



Comes from the French word meaning 'soiling' which is 'salir'

This can be quite tame, in that it can simply be the need to muss up the hair of their partner, to the tearing of their clothes, the ripping of them off.

Can also be more intense, such as rubbing their faces or bodies with mud, or other filth.

Physical harm to the object of their desire, if human, is incurred.

As well, can be forcing their partner to wear clothing that renders them unattractive to others, such as baggy pants.

Others get sexually aroused, by the defacing of public statues, or art work.

Some will keep evidence of this form of vandalism, for future sexual enjoyment.

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