An oral sex position, in which the giver is on the bottom, and the receiver is on top.
A popular group of sex positions, known as a Sixty Nine, in which the object is for mutual oral stimulation.
sado masochism
The sexual pleasure derived from either the inflicting of extreme pain, or the receiving of extreme pain, or both.
safe sex
Having sexual relations where the risk of infection and/or transmission of disease is dramatically reduced by various procedures or actions.
Word or series of words or signal used to advise the dominant of the needs of the bottom, as in stop.
A sexual fetish, where one gets an erotic delight in soiling or dishevelling the object of their desire. This usually means the apparel or appearance of the person they are attracted to.
savage fold
The physical restraint of a person, in a sitting position, immobilizing them totally.
The term used for when one attempts strangulation, for sexual pleasure, while using a scarf.
scat or coprophilia
Sexual play involving human feces, including ingestion as well as decorative.
Back room talk about having sex, about getting sex.
A specialized implement, used in flagellation, that is used to inflict damage, to draw blood. Most notably used in devices that have multiple tendrils, such as the Cat o Nine Tails, but with knotted ends.
The deliberate act, of enticing another person into some behavior, normally sexual in nature, that they wouldn't do, or be allowed to do.
seinen manga
Japanese comic book genre, generally geared towards young men between eighteen and thirty, though older men are also attracted to this form of Yaoi.
self sucking
gay self sucking - Sucking one's own penis.
The liquid that is discharged from the penis, during a sexual arousal and subsequent orgasm.
sensation play
The control of senses by one over another, in a BDSM role playing scenario.
Term defining when a person originally tests negative for an infection, then test positive shortly afterwards.
Term used to describe two people, where one tests positive for HIV, the other tests Negative, and they are sexually active with each other.
The study of antibodies found within blood serum, to help identify disease, infections, and viruses.
The practice of seeking men who are of the same status, as they are, in regards to HIV infection.
The determined status of someone who has tested for Serosorting.
A grouping of micro organism, in the serum, from their cell structure, composition.
The act of performing services for the Dominant, in a power exchange relationship.
The allotted time when the BDSM routines take place.
sex clubs
Public places where a person can engage in casual sexual acts, such as in a backroom of a bar, in private rooms at a bathhouse.
sex symbol
A well noted celebrity, actor, actress, or public figure, that exudes a particular charm, or attraction from those around them.
sex toys
Sex toys refer to a variety of products made to enhance sexual pleasure.
sexual addiction
Where one becomes obsessed with having sex, to the detriment of their normal daily life, including the need for multiple partners, to satisfy their craving for sexual contact.
sexual dysfunction
Difficulty for a person to enjoy sex, during any stages of the sexual act.
sexual fantasy
A deliberate thought of being in a particular sexual situation, where one becomes aroused by the conscious thought.
sexual orientation
The long term emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to one's sexual partners, to fulfill their sexual desires, needs.
Removal of hair using a sharp object, like a razor.
A shemale is a popular nickname for a male-to-female transsexual, generally one who still has a penis.
shoe fetishism
A persons sexual obsession with the shoes another is wearing, not just the foot, but the actual shoes (footwear).
A Japanese slang, for one's attraction to younger males, or those who appear to look younger, as told in story format, or magazine series. Uses the Hentai format, as its vehicle for presentation.
Slang for one's attention to another's foot, in a sexual manner, where one or both derive sexual pleasure.
sideways sixty nine
Where both partners are lying side to side, facing each other, giving head.
Within the Transgender and BDSM community, where one male partner adopts the persona of a female's traditional role, in the sexual activity of the two. This is in a more pronounced manner, than just being the submissive partner.
In erotic terms, where the role of the male is forcibly changed, such as in a situation where the female is the dominant persona.
A derogatory term, used to describe a male who exhibits supposedly less than masculine attributes.
A sexual arousal, by food. This generally refers to an arousal by the ingestion of food off the body of one's partner, during, prior to, or after engaging in intimacy.
A term to refer to a prostitute who works a bar or nightclubs.
sitting bull
A penetrative position, where both get to sit down on the job, that can make for a difficult entry, and in keeping the penis in, during the penetration action.
sitting sixty nine
Where both parties engage in oral sex, while one is seated, holding the other party in an upright position.
sixty nine
69 is a sexual position where both sex partners give oral sex to the other simulaneously.
sixty six
Reference for when two people engage in anal sex.
The reference to a particular type of sexual preference in the Twink niche, of gay sex.
Generally referring to those with close cropped or shaved heads.
A specially designed paddle, that has two pieces on the striking end, one of which adds a loud slapping down, when applied to the submissive.
gay Slaves are a submissive and servile partner in a BDSM relationship or session.
A special bag, that completely encloses a person, from head to toe, as a form of mummification. To create a form of sensory deprivation, that many consider erotic.
S&M refers to sadism and masochism.
smoking fetish
A smoking fetish is an erotic attraction to people smoking.
snake play
Where one assumes the characteristics of being a snake or worm, and is forced to crawl around on their belly, stomach. Used as a form of humiliation and helplessness.
The practice of swapping semen orally, that is to receive the semen from a penis, then to give it to another by kissing and allowing the semen to be swapped.
social feminization
The shifting of values, from masculine perceptions, to those of a female. The shift of roles in society, as it applies to the gender.
sock fetish
A sock fetish is an erotic attraction to socks or to someone wearing socks.
Referred to in legalese, as being anal sex between two men, and can include felatio.
Mild depictions of partially aroused men, not showing penetration.
A sexual arousal, even orgasm, from the touching, rubbing of another who is sleeping.
The use of specific medical instruments, in BDSM sex play, that are inserted into the Urethra of the Penis.
southern exposure
A more physical way to get sucked off, where your legs are in the air, your dick is open to the world, as is your ass.
Spanking refers to a form of corporal punishment that involves striking the buttocks with an open hand.
A medical device, used for examinations of the anus and vagina, in which the opening is spread apart, by the device.
spencer paddle
A specialized paddle, designed to maximize the striking force, through the use of holes drilled in the striking portion of the paddle.
sperm competition
In a pure technical meaning, is the competition of various sperm, to fertilize a female. It is also a term used to denote why some males engage in watching their partners cheat, as a form of stimulation, arousal.
sperm washing
The medical procedure for washing a person's sperm, of the seminal fluid.
A chemical substance designed to kill sperm, mainly used in the prevention of infection and pregnancy.
Usually a circular muscle, that is around an orifice of the body, which controls the flow through that orifice.
Spit refers to saliva or to the act of ejecting salava from one's mouth.
spit roast
Where one person will insert their penis into the mouth of a partner. At the same time, another person will penetrate that same person, anally.
A classic side by side position, for anal sex. Usually done on a flat surface, such as a bed, both parties are laying in a prone position, during the penetration, and subsequent thrusting.
Safe, Sane, Consensual agreement for BDSM role playing.
st andrews cross
An X-shaped cross, used in BDSM role playing for the restraint of submissives, to administer various sexual acts, including spanking, whipping, and more.
Term used to describe a well endowed male or female.
standing missionary
Fucking while standing, facing each other.
A group of diseases, that can only or primarily be transmitted through sexual contact, or sexual intimacy where symptoms appear.
A fetish where a person becomes sexually aroused by the demonstration of muscles and/or strength.
An infection, that is primarily contracted through sexual contact with another, but showing no related symptoms of the actual disease.
The sexual arousal gained, by seeing someone, something being stomped upon.
straight men
A straight man is one who is heterosexual.
Are long solid objects, with restraints on either end, used to keep a submissive stretched out, in a set position.
Someone who removes their clothing, and appears to others, totally naked. Usually a performer in a speciality night club.
sub space
A mental state where the 'sub' (submissive) enters a mental state, that divorces himself from the action going on, due to the varied sensory perceptions of pain and pleasure.
Submission refers to giving control or authority to another person.
sugar daddy
An older man who provides monetary support to a much younger person, in return for sex.
suit fetish
A suit fetish is an erotic attraction to suits and men who wear suits.
A hot way to get sucked off, and no, not the wrestling move, though there is some similarities. Instead it is a more athletic way of being sucked off, and of sucking another off.
swedish culture
Another way to say mutual masturbation between two same sex people.
Swinging, or Swingers, where partners are exchanged for casual sexual gratifications, most notably wife swapping.
Someone involved in the BDSM Lifestyle, that takes on both roles, top or bottom.
sword swallower
Someone who enjoys sucking a cock.
Childish term referring to two males fighting each other, while taking a pee.
A humorous term denoting a penis.
sympathetic magic
The belief that some object, usually from another species, or such will impart special powers to the holder, or owner of that object.
A major sexually transmitted disease, that is on the increase in today's society, that at one time threatened the European Nations with extinction.