Being completely dressed in rubber or pvc, to where the normal body parts are completely hidden, or altered by the apparel.



Additional rubber features can be used to further deny the submissive any self character.

Goal is to make their identity at the whim of the dominant.

Rubber breasts can be used, inflated to a size the dominant desires.

Fake rubber genitals can also be affixed to the rubberized clothing, and can be of either sexes, even if the submissive is male.

Can be used as a form of sexual humiliation, to have the male submissive be outwardly looking as a female, with female genitalia.

Special masks can be found, that give the appearance of rubber, including the eyes, though the submissive can still see through the fake eyes.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Rubberists consider the dressing up as a Rubberdoll, to be an ideal way to shut off their other world persona, lives.

Mainly due to the add-ons, this form of dress allows them to drastically alter their appearances, giving them more freedom to act differently, than they would under other conditions.

Crossdressers may also opt for this form of dress, to come close to feeling like a different gender, than they are.

This is mainly due to the rubber accessories, such as fake genitalia, breasts, etc.


Within the fetish world, community, this is a common practice.

Common to the point where they even hold gatherings.

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