Taking roles in BDSM relationships, where one plays a specific role, either as the Top or as the Bottom.



Where two or more people engage in taking on specific roles, in order to satisfy a sexual fantasy or desire. Generally found in BDSM activity, it is also part of most sexual encounters, though not as well defined as in a BDSM relationship.

Sexual Role Playing can take many forms, such as simply wearing of various costumes, or garb. Example being to wear a uniform, to imply an authority figure or military person.

In many instances, this is about 'power' and is where one partner is given 'more' power over the other, by the role or character they assume in the fantasy scenario.


To wear specific clothing, attire while engaging in sexual acts. To take on the actual characteristics of that 'role' while engaging in sex. This is more of a mental state, created by words, actions, mannerisms, to enhance the sexual fantasy of one or both partners.

Role Playing can involve elaborate sets, staging, and even a script for all involved to follow. It can also be simple, without any real direction, more of an improvisation.

Vocalization can also be an integral part of Role Playing, where one gives direction, expecting a specific response in return.

Role Play can take on extreme proportions, simulating rape and other acts of violence. This can include where serious risks are involved, both physically and mentally. (see RACK)

Practice (Associated Acts): Cyber sex is one form of Role Playing that has evolved with the advent of the Internet. It is where people take on roles, and masturbate to the 'play' enacted out online.

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