A sexual position, where the receiver is more in control, and where they generally are sitting on top of the Giver, while riding the boner lodged inside.



Ride 'em Cowboy, or in other words, where the Giver is flat or prone on the bed.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) then sits on top.

They are facing the feet of the Giver (the one doing the penetrating), and their legs are in a kneeling position, with the feet and lower legs flat on the bed.

The Giver usually has their legs in closer, with the Receiver straddling them both, as they lower their rear, onto the protruding penis (least one hopes it is sticking up).

The concept is, that this position, will allow for the penetration, and that during the actual intercourse, slippage of the penis will be lessened.

The negative of this sexual position, is that the Giver is not given full access to the frontal area of the Receiver.

Makes it hard for them (the Giver) to play with the penis and balls of the Receiver, or to caress their upper body.

Practice (Cowgirl):

This is identical to the Rodeo sex position, other than that, the Receiver is facing the Giver.

A more standard and intimate position, as it allows for the Giver to have more goodies to play with, while thrusting.


"Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask)" (published in 1969) along with "The Joy of Sex" (published in 1970) were the first real sexual manuals, to enter the mainstream circuit, in Western Society.

Their publication led to a literary explosion of sex manuals into western culture/society.

"Joy of Sex" contained explicit details of sexual acts, positions, while its earlier predecessor 'Everything You Wanted…" only contained highly detailed text descriptions.

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