A more complicated sex position, where the legs of the giver are closed, while the receiver sits or squats on top.



Not a simple, or easy sex position.

The Giver (the one doing the penetrating) lays on their back, with the knees brought upwards to their chest.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) will sit, or squat, on the back of the upraised legs, allowing for the penis to penetrate from a unique and difficult angle.

(the longer the better in this position, it seems)

The Receiver is facing away from the Giver, towards the feet.

With legs bent, and feet planted firmly on either side, the Receiver takes the penis inside, controlling the depth of penetration, by how much they lower themselves onto the Giver.

The arms of the Giver, are generally in between the body and arms of the Receiver, while the Receiver will rest their hands on the exposed upper legs of the Giver, helping to maintain and control the thrusting motion.

Practice (Amazon):

For anal penetration, a much harder position, than the Reverse Amazon.

In this position, the Receiver is facing the Giver, rather than away, which makes the ability to achieve anal penetration considerably more difficult.

A more heterosexual position, than a gay one.


This is a sex position, that gives the Receiver a feeling of being more in control, as they do control the thrusting motion, as well as the depth of penetration.

Again, not an easy position for those who aren't nimble or flexible enough.

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