A classic sex position, for anal sex, where the one is on top, giving true meaning to the term 'topping the bottom' and other such phrases.



Did you know, that Promiscuity really just denotes having multiple sex partners, which isn't necessarily a bad thing?

Even in the Animal Kingdom, where some species are attached to one partner, there is noted occasions where the one, or both, will engage in sex with others.

It is called "extra pair copulation".

Today's moralistic society, calls Promiscuity, cheating, or being a sleaze or slut.


The classic position, where both partners are in a prone position.

Both are facing downwards, towards the flat surface.

The Receiver (the one being penetrated) usually has their legs slightly spread apart, to allow for easier penetration.

The Giver (the one doing the penetration) usually lays on top of the Receiver, with their legs inside of the Receiver's spread apart legs.

With their bottom slightly raised, the Giver penetrates the anus.

Generally this allows for deeper penetration of the Receiver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

A slight variation is for the Receiver to keep their legs closer together.

The Giver then has their legs on the outside of the Receiver.

This is a harder way of penetrating the Receiver, though it does allow for a better angle.

Great if the person on top is using a strap on dildo.


To help insure a good penetration, and a pleasurable experience for both, a pillow under the pelvis of the Receiver can help do this.

This increases (or decreases) the raised tushie, to aid the penetration, and thrusts.

Further, it allows for the Receiver to also masturbate, while being penetrated, adding to the pleasure.

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