An alternative agreement between partners in BDSM role playing, that allows for more extreme practices than in an SSC agreement.



Acronym meaning Risk Aware Consensual Kink, which is basically exactly what it means. To be aware of all risks involved before engaging in the 'session' or 'play'. Specifically the health risks involved, and that BOTH parties CONSENT to all aspects of the ensuing 'play'.

Risk-Aware - Meaning that all parties are fully aware of all risks that are involved, both in a physical and mental meaning. That they are fully informed of potential physical harm that could occur, or damages that could be a result of their activity.

Consensual - in that they both clearly of a sane mind, and are fully aware of the risks, and consent, give their permission, for the 'play' to happen, as discussed.

Kink - where the actions involved are not 'vanilla sex' but cross the line, to include toys, pain, humiliation, bondage, and other 'so called' extreme actions.


An offshoot or perhaps competing organization upset by the rigid standards of those involved with SSC. Many claiming that this is a more accurate description of the goals of the BDSM Community.

Gary Switch is believed to have coined the 'acronym' in the Usenets during a mailing in an attempt to more accurately describe the credo or feelings of BDSM followers.


To engage in a mutual role playing, where risks are accepted. This includes a more 'dangerous' playing, that is not 'safe' but is what both parties agree to.

In addition, 'safe words' are not always a standard or of required use, as long as both agree prior to engaging in the 'sessions'. This can include 'edge play'.

A more or less, anything goes attitude, providing it has been clearly discussed between the parties, and clearly had all potential risks, harms, fully detailed and explained.

Practice (Associated Acts): The conflict between SSC and RACK is described by RACK as including a different spirit between the partners. Where on the one hand, you have some who point, saying THAT ISN'T SAFE, while the RACK attitude would be exhibited by the person saying THAT SEEMS UNSAFE, MAYBE HE CAN DO IT DIFFERENTLY TO BE SAFER.

In short, semantics.

Noteworthy: The conflict between the SSC and RACK community lies in the words used to describe themselves. The more RACK members consider that they truly reflect the spirit, due to the words used.

Safe in SSC - means one is unhurt, when the very nature of the activities being engaged do cause hurt or injury, no matter how temporary.

Sane in SSC - again a misnomer to the RACK side, as it defies definition. What one man considers 'sane' another might not, nor are untrained persons able to determine whether a person is sane or not.

Risk in RACK - implies that there is peril, or danger and that is being fully discussed, disclosed.

Aware in RACK - insures that those engaging in the 'risky sexual activity' are fully conscious of all health, physical, and mental risks associated with their choices.

Kink in RACK - a peculiarity, a whim, that someone prefers or enjoys, that others might find strange.

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