r rated
A rating usually given to movies or television shows, to indicate the type of content, and to which audience it is suited for.
An alternative agreement between partners in BDSM role playing, that allows for more extreme practices than in an SSC agreement.
Another word used to describe a condom.
rake your meat
Another meaning for masturbation, in a more crude terminology.
ram job
Several hard penetrating thrusts of the penis into another's anus, during intercourse.
Another term or slang word for a penis.
A common British slang term, for when a person is feeling extremely horny, sexually aroused.
rap parlor
Mainly a slang term from the 1970's, referring to a prostitution house.
Having penetrative sex with another, sexual intercourse.
Another of thousands of words used to describe the penis.
rat trap
Basic slang reference to the mouth.
Types of sex and sexual play that are considered "dirtier" than other kinds of sex.
A literary term, to denote the taking of another, in a sexual context, with or without consent. Also can have the double meaning of giving extreme pleasure to another, from wild sexual actions.
Slang for anilingus, the act of stimulating the anus orally. Also to refer to a male having anal intercourse with a female.
The person who performs oral anal sex, or the person who is the penetrating partner in intercourse.
rear admiral
Humorous term used within the medical and nursing profession for a Proctologist.
rear entry
Someone who has anal sex with their partner.
rear entry position
A classic sex position, for anal sex, where the one is on top, giving true meaning to the term 'topping the bottom' and other such phrases.
rear specialist
Another word describing a top, someone who is the active person penetrating another person, in the anus.
refractory period
The technical time required for one's body to replenish itself of fluids, to be able to ejaculate semen.
rent boy
Common term in the UK to denote a male prostitute.
reverse amazon
A more complicated sex position, where the legs of the giver are closed, while the receiver sits or squats on top.
A form of female masturbation, through the use of running water on the clitoris.
A form of sexual entertainment, such as erotica or porn, told in a humorous manner.
Someone who specializes in tying people up, for Bondage scenes.
gay rimming - Oral contact with the anus.
A sexual position, where the receiver is more in control, and where they generally are sitting on top of the Giver, while riding the boner lodged inside.
role playing
Taking roles in BDSM relationships, where one plays a specific role, either as the Top or as the Bottom.
roman shower
Common phrase for having someone throw up on you, during a sexual session, as part of the sexual attraction.
The street name for a drug called Rohypnol, made by the Roche Pharmaceutical company. It is manufactured as a sleeping pill, not for use with alcohol.
royal jelly
Euphemism used by gay men, to describe the ejaculate, or sperm that is generated by the male.
Using condoms, or dressing in rubberized gear for sexual fetishes.
Being completely dressed in rubber or pvc, to where the normal body parts are completely hidden, or altered by the apparel.