Age sex teachings, based on supposed ancient cultures, such as the Olmecs, Mayans, Toltec, and Cherokee Indians.



Not supported by any known experts on the various cultures, that supposedly provide the foundation for this 'rites of sexuality' it claims, none the less, to be the foundation of the spiritual practices of the Olmecs, Mayans, Toltec, and Cherokee Nations.

The author of this 'belief' claims it is a means for one to awaken and enhance their sexuality, to develop their inner self, sexually.

It has some 'radical' concepts, that go against conventional wisdom and knowledge of these ancient cultures.

Followers extol that the detailed exercises, and rituals, associated with this 'new age sex' allows them to better develop their relationships, improve their orgasms, and come to terms with their 'feminine and masculine' sides of their spiritual self.


Harley Reagan is the one credited with bringing this 'new age' sex practice, ritual, to the public, however Mr. Reagan's credentials are suspect.

He has claimed to have been a highly decorated Marine, though the Marines have no record of his claimed decorations, nor has he bothered to produce any evidence to disprove that lack of verification.

He established a 'clinic' (in 1986) for the teachings of ancient wisdoms to aid in one's sexual development, based on his 'interpretation' of those rituals.

There is NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE that his version is accurate. In fact in the case of basing some of the teaching as coming from the Olmecs is hard to prove, given there is literally no real remaining evidence to determine what that culture believed or didn't.

In addition, the original claim made by Mr. Reagan was that his teachings were based on a secret ancient Cherokee ritual, which the Cherokee Nation not only claims to not exist, but upon threatening a lawsuit, the author then changed his story, claiming his new age methods were based on several cultures.


The supposed goal is to teach participants in ways of masturbation and intercourse techniques.

During these 'workshops' or 'lessons' participants actually engage in intercourse while Mr. Reagan watches. It is this, which was documented in the HBO Special.

There are full and explicit demonstrations at these 'fee based' workshops, but it also includes other lessons, such as how to maintain erections, how to hold back ejaculation for a set number of times (usually 3), before finally allowing one to achieve orgasm.

Much of the masturbation lessons has been taken from the Erotic Massage book by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, with words changed to make it appear more mystical, more steeped in ancient spirituality.


Reagan appeared on the HBO show 'Real Sex in America' in 1992, where he claimed his teaching were based on Cherokee Rituals. A threatened lawsuit altered that claim at that point, to its current form.

In 1991, Vivid Video released a title, “Quodoushka, Native American Love Techniques' which had many well noted porn stars in it, including Hyapatia Lee.

Hyapatia Lee has received several awards, including a lifetime achievement award from the Free Speech Coalition. She is also of Cherokee descent.

Most of those who criticize this 'sexual advocacy' point to the view held by members, and founder, regarding minors. They also point to the use of paid prostitutes for demonstrations of techniques, during some workshops, lessons.

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