Mainly used by teens, to denote an ugly girl. Duck is the counter for an ugly male.
Age sex teachings, based on supposed ancient cultures, such as the Olmecs, Mayans, Toltec, and Cherokee Indians.
Someone whose genetic makeup is one forth black. Basically a person who has one person that is Mulatto, and one parent that is white.
Old colloquialism, for a prostitute. In use since the 16th Century.
quail hunter
Older reference to a male who is promiscuous, or a philanderer. One who seeks another (usually younger, vulnerable) to satisfy their sexual needs.
A noxious odour released from the vagina, during sexual intercourse or oral sexual stimulation. Commonly referred to as a Vagina Fart.
queen bee
Slang or more jocular term referring to a women of wealth.
queen bees
No longer used term, used by Homosexuals to describe semen. More specifically it was used to refer to 'gobs of cum' rather than just the cum itself.
queen mary
Humorous term used by gay men to describe another gay male that is extremely overweight.
queen of hearts
Gay slang term for a male who is a heart breaker, one who has the looks and personality to attract others at first glance. Similar to a 'pin up boy' but in that he will also break one's heart.
queen of sheba
A nickname, used by gay men, for another male, who is black and homosexual.
Where a person sits on the face of another, for either oral or anal stimulation, or as a sign of dominance over the other.
A derogatory word used to describe a person who is a homosexual, used in a demeaning manner.
quick sex
Unplanned sexual encounter, usually hurried to the point where it is generally done while mainly clothed.
Having a quick sexual encounter, without foreplay.
quickie station
Gay slang for reference of public restroom sexual encounters.
Euphemism for someone who is easy to get into the sack. Usually in reference to a woman, though can apply to a male.
quiet mouse
Older term, used to reference a prostitute that worked in a brothel.
Defined in 1811, a term for reference to the vagina of a woman. Considered to be a vulgar term, or use.
Another ancient term, used to indicate copulation, sexual intercourse, in which penetration occurs.
17th and 18th century term for reference (metaphor) for the Vagina. Also refers to a particular motion, made by exotic dancers.