A strenuous position, that allows for some real good ass banging pumping action.



Until about the 16th Century, the word LUST was used to mean to please, to delight, or pleasure.

It wasn't until the 16th Century that it grew closer to today's meaning of having unnatural desires for the flesh, that is a sin.

At least according to most structured religious teachings.

Pagan Religions however, never seemed to consider that one's sexual urges, desires, were inappropriate, or unnatural.


This particular position needs a prop, most often a simple but sturdy chair.

You really do want a good chair, without arms, that won't be easy to tip over, or has flimsy legs that would break.

To begin with, the Receiver (the one being penetrated) needs to straddle the chair.

Their arms hold onto the back top of the chair.

The chair will keep their legs spread sufficiently apart, to allow for entry.

The Giver (the one doing the penetrating) then gets on the chair, in a crouching position.

That means their feet are actually on the chair seat.

They hold onto the waist of the Receiver, for support and to be able to aid in the rhythm of the pumping action that is to follow.

The Receiver is NOT seated, but in a semi standing position, using the Chair, itself, as a means to maintain their balance.

This particular position allows for hard short pumping penetration thrusts, that can be extremely pleasurable.

Note, the Giver's legs are spread apart, usually beyond the body of the Receiver.


By holding the back of the Chair, the Receiver is helping to prevent the chair from toppling over.

Good idea, is to have a nice soft landing ahead of the chair back, just in case the Receiver is unable to contain themselves, during the pumping action.

Some athletic ability is necessary, to maintain this position, by both partners.

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