The piercing of the pubic region, usually just above the base of the penis itself.



A surface piercing located on the pubic region, usually right above the base of the penis shaft itself.

The purpose supposedly is for direct stimulation of the other party, during intercourse. This applies to Males, as the female version supposedly fails to provide any added stimulation pleasure to either the woman, or the male.


Generally considered a surface type of piercing, there are higher risks of rejection with this type of piercing than most other types.

Usually a custom bar is used to aid in the healing process. Afterwards, the standard Captive Bead Ring can be used.

Many factors determine the healing time.

Usually 10 to 12 weeks is the norm, if there isn't a lot of activity while healing, and assuming the patient is in good physical shape, and has a healthy diet.

Practice (Associated Acts): Similar to the Christina Piercing, this surface piercing does have a higher than average rejection rate, than say your common ear or nose or tongue piercing.

Level of discomfort is also considered higher.

Noteworthy: Rejection and Healing times are longer than other 'surface piercing'.

Plus the discomfort is considerable during healing, and may require specialized or custom made jewelry during the healing process.

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