The common term used to describe the piercing that runs through the cock head.



A specific type of piercing for the Penis Head, in which a stainless steel bar is inserted into the cock head. A Prince Albert uses a more curved type of jewelry, in the shape of a horseshoe.

Commonly referred to as a PA, this type of piercing is popular in the BDSM culture, but also growing in popularity among those into Body Modification practices.

It is supposedly desired for how it increases the sensitivity during sex, both as a receiver, and as a giver.

See AMPALLANG for more details.


One of the more common piercing of a males genitals, the PA (Prince Albert) is generally a curved bar, where one end is at the penis head, the other coming out the side.

Usually in a sort of horseshoe shape. While it can be centered, that is mostly for those who are circumcised. Those who are uncut will generally have the bottom end exit along the side, to accommodate the foreskin repositioning itself during the healing process.

Most Prince Albert Piercing's heal in between 2 to 4 weeks.

This type of piercing is done by entry through the 'Frenulum (fold of skin, tissue located just under the penis head) and then exits through the urethra (tube within the penis) at the top of the penis

Practice (Associated Acts): Reverse Prince Albert - Piercing is done through the Urethra and then exits at the top of the penis, just below the head. Opposite to that of the Prince Albert which is on the bottom of the penis head.

Noteworthy: Having a Prince Albert or other genital piercing generally does not prevent easy use of Condoms when engaged in Safer Sex Practices.

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