The right way to jack off, using pressure.



Jacking off isn't complicated, but there are different methods, to achieving orgasm.

The Pressure method is to take one hand, and move down the shaft, until you encircle the base of the penis shaft.

Squeezing tight, so your hand is acting like a cock ring.

Not too tight, but tight enough to feel it.

Then with your other hand, begin to move up and down the shaft, to find various points along it.

Squeeze from one side, and the opposite side, at various points along the shaft.

Apply firm pressure, and release almost immediately.

Continue in a rhythm of creating pressure points, then releasing.

Practice (Associated Acts):

The Fire method is like being back in Scouts.

Remember to use lots of oil on both hands.

Grasp the penis between the palms of both (well oiled/lubed) hands.

Commence to rub the penis, like you would two sticks in an effort to make some fire.

In other words, rub fast, to create the friction needed to bring your partner to climax.


Though one can do the 'pressure' method by themselves, it works best when done by another party.

This allows the Receiver (one being given the hand job) to concentrate on the pleasure, not the technique.

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