Where a submissive is restrained so that if they move, they create a second pain response, forcing them back to the previous position, which also creates a pain response.



This is where a submissive is fully restrained, in such a manner that in one position they experience pain, and if they move to another position, they will experience even more pain, or a different kind of pain.

The example is where a submissive is forced to stand in a precarious position, such as on their toes. Each time they move, or fall to stand on their feet, the restraints pull on their genitals, causing them more pain.

This then forces them back to their toes, which isn't painful by itself, but becomes that way over time.

Noteworthy: It is important to note, that such role playing, or bondage games, can result in severe weakness in the submissive.

This can cause a submissive to fall, to faint. In that event, it is important for the Dominant to be prepared, and be able to extricate the submissive from their restraint by themselves, expecting no aid from the submissive.

Having a third party present can also be for this purpose.

Should be noted, that fainting can lead to falling, to serious injuries to the submissive, if the Dominant isn't prepared.

Such play scenes, should be limited in time frame, to avoid that situation, of making the submissive too weak, so that they fall, or faint.

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