A chemical compound, that releases a vapor, which in turn stimulates a person's heart rate and breathing rate. At the same time, it relaxes one's muscles, and judgment.



It is the vapors or aroma of these chemicals, that when released, not only allow for the muscles to relax, but it in turn stimulates the breathing rate, and heart rate, in a temporary capacity.

Additionally, an associated by product of inhaling this compound, is a sense of rush, or euphoria, that allows one to raise the limits of what they are willing to do, or are able to allow.

The effect of the muscles relaxing, along with the rush, allows for sexual limits to be raised.


Originally used in the 1880's for treatment of Angina, a heart condition.

Originally marketing as a prescription drug in 1937, the FDA later removed that requirement, in 1960.

It was reinstated in 1960, due to its increased social use.

Other Nitrites were added in 1988.

Poppers were made popular during the disco era, and became fashionable among all segments of the party scene, not just the gay scene.

Additionally, the use generated an inner warmth, or feeling of warmth.

History (Legend): The name is believed to have been derived from the sound of the crushing of the vials or ampoules, that amyl nitrite came in.

As well, as the concept of popping open the top, to quickly inhale the aroma.


Generally sold in ampoules, the idea was to crush the vial, to allow a sudden rush of the vapors, aroma, to enter a confined space, creating its effect.

Today, many of these compounds, are distributed in bottles, which are quickly opened, then inhaled in the nostrils.

Most common way to use, is to open the lid, cover its top with the thumb, raise to the nostril, closing one nostril, and inhaling deeply.

This is then switched to the other nostril, and is often repeated.

Practice (Associated Acts):

The chemical compound, effects the smooth muscles of the body, such as those found in the anus, the vagina.

Hence its use, allows for those muscles to relax, thus allowing penetration to be less painful, or to allow one to accept penetration from an object, larger than one would normally be able to accept.


In it's original form, as Amyl Nitrite, it is illegal in many regions, for sale to the general public, and subsequent compounds, like alkyl nitrite, or propyl nitrite are similar, and were created to circumvent the legality of using amyl nitrite.

Mostly used during extreme sexual activities.

Legal and still available in Europe, it is found mostly in sex shops, catering to Gays.

Many accept, that such aroma's restrict the ability to ejaculate, thus prolonging one's sexual stamina, at the time.

Other meanings

Medical data does not indicate a conclusive risk assessment of use of this 'club drug'.

It's use however, may allow for lowering of one's inhibitions, towards more riskier sexual activity, which can lead to serious infections, including HIV.

It apparently limits one's ability to render proper judgment as to what limits, they are willing to exceed, such as the use of condoms during anal intercourse.

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