Oral sex position, where one inspects the pipes with their mouth, while underneath.



Find a nice flat surface, like a bed and no, not a waterbed.

The Receiver (the one being sucked off) kneels on all fours.

With their legs spread slightly apart, the Giver (the one doing the cock sucking) lays on their back.

Their head is placed underneath the groin area, so that they have easy access to the Receiver's genitals.

Generally this is between the Receiver's knees.

This position affords the Giver the opportunity to explore the more intimate regions of the Receiver, such as their scrotum, their pubic region.

The Receiver is also able to regulate the motion, through dipping their lower body, helping to stuff their dick into the throat of the Giver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

If this position is merely some foreplay, it is also simple to switch into a rimming position, or even to allow the Receiver to move into a more prone position, for anal penetration or other forms of stimulation.

Also a good position, to use a dildo while engaging in the oral portion.

After all, the Giver does have two hands that could be kept busy.


In this position, the work to bring the one partner off, can be shared.

While the Giver does most of the work, the Receiver can help through their dipping of their lower body.

In addition, this position affords the Giver the opportunity to do a bit with their hands.

This can include anal caresses, even some fingering if they can manage operating their hands, while sucking.

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