Making the male submissive dress up in woman's clothing, such as a dress, or woman's under garments. Can include wigs, make up, in order to further heighten a sense of humiliation. Used by Femdoms to humiliate their male submissive's.



Many men consider that males are superior to the female gender, so the concept of being forced to dress up in their clothing, is one of humiliation, highlighting that they are the weaker of the two partners.

By itself, dressing up in the opposite gender's clothing can be a sexual turn on, and not have any other connotation or feelings of humiliation.

Those who cross dress, should not be confused with transsexuality.

Clothing or costume use, is one of establishing control, one of asserting domination.

In the past, Scottish Boys were forced to wear a kilt, without the sporran, as a form of punishment, through humiliation.

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