A device fitted over the penis, that then forces the blood to flow to the penis, through a pump like action.



A special device, that uses suction, to draw the blood forward, to the penis, to fill the various glands more fully, which gives the appearance of enlarging the penis.


A long cylinder is placed over the penis, that becomes a tight fit. Usually a material or substance at the open end, will become tight around the base of the penis.

This cylinder is usually attached to either a manual or motorized pump, that creates a vacuum around the penis.

This vacuum, draw the blood further in, giving the appearance of a larger organ, as the sacs around the penis, fill with more blood.

Pumping should be carefully controlled.

Over pumping, or pumping too quickly can lead to serious damage to the blood vessels, or other issues.

The end of the cylinder should be carefully inspected for rough edges, and repeated use, without proper steady pumping, can result in the edge of the cylinder from cutting into the skin / tissue, or cause blistering.

Impatient pumping, has been noted to force the edge of the cylinder to not just cut into the skin, but cause ligament damage as well.

Practice (Associated Acts): Some devices come with rings at the open end of the cylinder. These are basically typical of a 'cock ring' apparatus.

Once the cylinder is in place, and the vacuum created, allowing for the penis to become filled with blood, and become fully erect, then one manually pushes the rings down, towards the base of the penis.

When the vacuum is released, these 'cock ring like' rings will act like a cock ring, restricting the blood flow from returning, thus ensuring that the erection gained, is held for a longer period of time.

Most manufacturers of these devices, that include the rings, advise that use of the rings should not exceed 30 minutes.

There is a potential of causing damage to the blood vessels, if allowed to remain in place beyond that time frame.

Noteworthy: As the vacuum increases, as the pressure differences increase, the risk to vascular integrity increases, to the point where one can burst vessels.

Excessive pressure can cause severe vascular damage, and not a harder penis, or more erect penis.

Use of an actual vacuum is considered very risky, as the suction is too great, and the risk of serious injury is highly likely.

Impatient pumping, or even normal pumping, can cause the testicles to be sucked into the cylinder, which can be extremely painful, as well as cause serious damage.

Care should be taken, to insure that the cylinder is properly seated, and is properly aligned, so as to not allow for the vacuum to suck up the scrotum.

In August 2006, District Court Judge Donald Thompson was sentenced to 4 years in prison, for masturbating while using a penis pump.

It was determined that the Judge, used this device, for masturbation purposes, while actually presiding over cases.

Other meanings

The more high end devices, while are used for pure sexual pleasure, or in a vain attempt to gain a larger penis, it is also used for those suffering from impotence.

These more expensive units, are specially engineered to insure that the blood flow is properly drawn in, that the vacuum pressure does not exceed proper measurements, risking vascular damage.

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