The surgical enhancement of the penis, either in length, or in girth, or both.



To alter one's penis, so that it is either longer, or thicker, through the use of surgical means, which can include implants, or injection of foreign materials under the skin of the actual penis.


Both length enhancement and girth enhancement of the penis have been noted in many medical journals. Primary results of surgical procedures is also the morbidity rate, and satisfaction.

Cosmetic enhancement, using filler or silicone are not FDA approved, due to the risk of infection, rejection, and other assorted complications.


Practice (Girth):There is greater satisfaction among those who have had their penis girth extended, versus those who have opted for lengthening. The treatment for enlarging the girth, is usually an injection of silicon or PMMA, around the shaft and scrotum, to enlarge the girth.

Some surgeons will implant foreign matter, such as AlloDerm, though newer techniques use Autologous Tissue Engineering. Such treatments returned about an 81% approval from patients opting for this treatment. It is also considered safer and has had less instances of side effects or poor results.

AlloDerm is actually not approved for such cosmetic uses, either by the manufacturer, or the FDA. AlloDerm is treated cadaver flesh, which allows for less risk of body rejection, or irritation. Some plastic surgeons, however, use it for penis enhancement.

Practice (Lengthening): Enhancement Phalloplasty is the lengthening of the penis, by the surgical cutting of ligaments that hold the shaft inside, to the scrotum. As approximately 1/3 of the actual penis is contained inside the body, this procedure extends the penis, by the cutting process.

Generally it allows for a growth of between 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches of the penis shaft.

To insure it heals longer than its original length, the penis is suspended or stretched outwards, to insure healing.

This particular procedure does not have wide approval or support from those who have undergone this surgery. In fact about 70% find they are dissatisfied with the results. This is referred to as ligamentolysis.

Real Penile Lengthening, through the actual lengthening of corporal bodies is generally reserved for those suffering from chronic erectile dysfunction or other illnesses, is the high risk of actually losing the ability to have an erection at all.

Leading Urologists rarely recommend such procedures, but instead opt for ligamentolysis, liposuction of the pubic are, or skin redistribution.

Noteworthy: No reputable, recognized medial authority recommends penis enhancement through surgical means or other means, for cosmetic reasoning.

For appearance of greater length, or girth, trimming of the pubic hairs can be as beneficial, without the risk. In addition, if overweight, the loss of weight can seriously allow for the appearance of an enhanced penis, as the fat tissue is not hiding part of the penis shaft.

Other meanings

No actual proof currently exists, that suggests that any pill being offered to increase the size or girth of a penis actually works. In fact, many of the so called 'penis pills' advertised online contain harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Some have been known to contain, e-coli, as well as high concentrations of lead.

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