A unique way to suck a guy off, by poking one's head through their legs, while both are in a prone position.



The Receiver (the one being sucked off) is in a prone position.

They are on their side, facing away from the Giver.

Their legs are slightly apart, with the top leg being bent at the knees, to allow the Giver (the one doing the sucking) room to work their magic.

The Giver rests on their side as well, but in an 90 degree angle from the Receiver.

They place their head between the upraised leg of the Receiver, resting it on the lower leg, or resting their shoulder on it.

The Giver can adjust their position, as the Receiver can also adjust how they hold their upper leg.

This position allows for easy access to both the penis, and the scrotum.

While in this position, the Giver can also fondle, or caress the Receiver's lower body, such as their anus, the buttocks, the sides, etc.


This position allows for more intimate touching of the genitals, but can be awkward for the Giver, if one takes a long time in achieving orgasm.

One needs to watch out for leg cramps too.

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