A small collar, around the scrotum, used in BDSM sexual sessions.



Unlike a cock ring, this is a collar attached around the scrotum, from which the Dominant can attach various weights to, which drag the sac down, adding a sense of pain to the submissive.

It creates the appearance like a parachute, hence its name.

Generally these 'collars' are made from leather and are conical in shape, with chains hanging from it, like the lines hanging from a parachute shroud.

These chains are what the weights are attached to.

Noteworthy: Used mainly in cock and ball torture (CBT) weights from 3 to 5 kg can be attached, creating a squeezing and constant drag on the testicles.

Used mostly in bondage sessions.

Smaller weights can be used as well, when the submissive has more freedom of movement, which creates a visual stimulus for the Dominant, but also creates a restricting motion to the submissive.

Sudden movement or such, can result in added pain being experienced.

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